Whatever, Nevermind

Anyway, it’s never fun admitting you’re wrong, but I’ll confess that in retrospect I think I was wrong…

Jonah Goldberg, kind of saying he was wrong, but not really

I guess Jesse Helms died a few days ago. You know, that racist guy who was a real prick. Naturally, NRO praises him like they do every conservative nut who dies, glossing over (ignoring) his many many many faults. Like the fact that he was a racist, homophobic prick for a good portion of his life.

You know, I started writing this and realized that I just don’t care. Not about Jesse Helms or Jonah Goldberg or the entire conservative movement and the toilet that it sits in these days. Like John McCain, it’s all an afterthought, and I just don’t care, because their day is done. Or will be soon enough. Boo!


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