Wasn’t Me

So yes, Bush held up the American flag at the Olympics and it was backwards. Big deal. It’s better than not wearing a flag pin! I mean, that’s unpatriotic! Bush had an entire American flag on him! Backwards, yes, but still.

Really, I don’t care. We laugh at Bush because he’s so easy to laugh at. He makes stupid faces too. He’s a buffoon. But how can people seriously get worked up about stuff like flag pins? Why is the Right filled with such whiny pricks? Why is up always down?


Imagine that Bush is a Democrat (not that hard when you consider his fiscal record). Now imagine that a Democratic president had presided over the worst attack on American soil in history, a far stronger Iran on the brink of nukes, and a resurgent, aggressive Russia, willing and able to invade and terrorize a neighboring country in part because the president long believed that its president was a good man, and had looked into his soul.

I think they would have impeached him a few years ago, no? He would be viewed as the Carter to end all Carters. But they are actually arguing that the man who has held no executive power these last seven years is responsible for the triumph of America’s rivals around the world. And they describe everyone who is dismayed at Bush’s Carter impersonation as leftist.

You have to laugh. Everything was Clinton’s fault before and now it will Obama’s fault after. All that stuff in between? Wasn’t me.


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