The More You Know…

. . . the less there is to like. I know I should just leave it with the Bailey’s picture and start the weekend, but I couldn’t resist. And also, this kind of shit really gets me worked up.

First off, forget Coulter, it’s not about her. It’ll never be about her. It’s about the idea that Jews can be “perfected” by becoming Christian. It’s about religion. More specifically, it’s about how batshit crazy religion makes people, and why I think it is a disease in need of a cure.

I read this in the Swamp (the Trib’s political blog):

Coulter’s view is actually not uncommon among fundamentalist Christians. Coulter did accurately capture the manner in which many Bible-believing Christians interpret the New Testament . . . This is not to defend Coulter. It’s just to explain that her view is widely shared by millions of Americans.

I try my best to learn about my enemies in order to understand what it is I don’t like about them, but I can honestly say that I had no idea about any of this. I don’t know shit about the New Testament. Of course, I never read Mein Kampf either, but I get the general idea. So why would so many interpret what is (I thought) the words of (so-called) holy men as a call for yet more divisive and intolerant behavior?

My confusion stems from the belief that, at its heart, religion, or spirituality, is meant to evoke the goodness in people and spread joy and love. This is the purest version of the concept, which, in reality, does not exist of course. What does seem to exist then, is a series of misinterpreted works that for some reason attract insecure fuckers that aren’t worth this space I’m giving right now. What is religion, really? It’s kind of like taking a humble man, good and pure, and nailing him to a cross and then selling his story to the Enquirer for a huge profit.

“Let me tell you all about my good man and all he has done! Only twenty yarbles! Extra, extra!” Christ on a stick, what a sham to end all scams! Bailey would be proud (Barnum & Bailey, that is).

I’m just trying to have a nice easy Friday and get the hell out of here, and now see what has happened? Just looking for a little peace and love and joy, and all that goes with it. Well, I know where not to look, that’s for sure. Now, back to that Bailey’s on the rocks . . .


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