The End of You


Oh christ, it’s August! “In one more hour I will be gone” says Sleater-Kinney, 7:30 – 8:30 to be exact, tomorrow night, it makes me sad. I’ve carried on about them many times before in this Booze Cab so no need to repeat myself, it’s like the old house when I left it for the last time, “it’s best to just turn around and keep moving” I said to no one. Dig me out, dig me in, outta this mess, baby, outta my head.

Finally some air, some cool breeze and it’s strange but I already miss the sun. Streaming WLUW right now and a Milk at Midnight song has just come on, “Why Don’t You Go? (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!)”, which is nice to hear. The choir sounds good. Drunk, but good.

Did you know that U.S. generals see growing threat of civil war in Iraq? Weird. Especially since it’s been obvious for some time now to anyone not afflicted by ignorance. Either they are lying, or they are sadly incompetent; my guess is both:

Mr. McCain had pointed exchanges with both generals, who conceded that events had taken them by surprise.
“General Pace,â€? the senator said, “you said there’s a possibility of the situation in Iraq evolving into civil war. Is that correct?â€?
“I did say that, yes, sir,� the general replied.
“Did you anticipate this situation a year ago?�
“No, sir.�
“Did you, General Abizaid?�
“I believe that a year ago it was clear to see that sectarian tensions were increasing,� General Abizaid said. “That they would be this high, no.�

Media analyst Danny Doom stepped in at this point with a followup question for reluctant panelist Donald Rumsfeld:

“How, exactly, are you able to keep your job?”

“Simple,” said Rumsfeld, “there are knowns and there are unknowns, and one of these knowns is that I am a Loyalist, and by being so I am able to do things that make no goddamn sense at all.”

Mr. Doom would like a followup to the followup: “What, Sir, would be an unknown?”

“An unknown in this situation would be just how badly I am going to fuck this up. I mean, the longer my foolishness goes unchecked, the more that will go wrong, and given my Loyalty and inability to speak or act to the truth, let’s just say that many, many, many, many more kids will have to die.”

(Assembled media laughs and jots down notes)

“Is there anything else you would like to add, Mr. Rumsfeld?”

“Yes, fuck you, America!”


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