Scout Nibbles n’ Bits, The Boss, etc.

How’m I supposed to get things done today? Just got a last-minute Boss offer and now I’m going to the UC tonight! I had read the review of last night’s show earlier this morning and it sounded pretty sweet; then out of the blue, boom! See you tonight, Mr. Springsteen! Bruce was my first concert ever, way back in 1980-something at the Rosemont Horizon (now corporately named). Four hours later, I was baptized. I hear he’s down to just over two hours these days, but it should be fun. Come on, let’s hear Candy’s Room! Maybe something from Asbury Park?

I saw Scout Niblett on Saturday at the Empty Bottle. Awesome show, and afterwards we hung in the back room and I talked with her about Kate Moss and Will Oldham and Portland, Oregon and her drummer’s insecurities. She was just about the coolest chick ever. And what a voice. I didn’t even know she was British until I started talking to her, which was even cooler, but her singing voice is just great. And guitar playing too. Yeah, she reeled me right in.


Scout Niblett


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