Random Notes

I’ll have to wait til I get home tonight to hear the new Radiohead, which makes for a long, painful day, but that’s okay, I can take it. The big chill is here and it was a cold ride in this morning, but also kind of refreshing. I’m ready for it.

New albums that I have bought lately: Film School, “Hideout;” Les Savy Fav, “Let’s Stay Friends;” Eddie Vedder, “Into the Wild” soundtrack; PJ Harvey, “White Chalk;” Rufus Wainwright, “Release the Stars;” and the afore-mention Radiohead, “In Rainbows.”

I just heard Donald Trump on Howard Stern’s show call George Bush the worst president we have ever had. No shit, Trump!

I agree with this article. Grossman has been unfairly maligned and will probably be run out of the city, and I don’t think it’s right. One day we will watch him on another team and regret that we let him go. That’s my prediction, and I’m sticking by it.

I am officially rooting for the Rockies to win, from my adopted future home state one day, beautiful Colorado. Yankees, go home! Boston, get outta here, you already won! Arizona, you’re too damn hot and boring! Cleveland, what the hell are you doing here? Come on, it’s football season already you knuckleheads!

Mormon Romney? Ask a lawyer! Fred “Dud” Thompson? Still vacant!


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