Post-Debate White Russian Discussion

Yep, I mixed up a nice Caucasian and am sifting through the noise now, with Letterman in the background for now. A flip over and Bill Maher is on Leno making me laugh, but the audience and Jay are all offended at everything he says. Can’t wait to see his new film Religulious. I switch to see Tegan and Sara on Dave. Cute.

As I read the spin it is pretty clear that Obama won handily. The Corner gets funnier. People are writing in saying they are pulling up their McCain/Palin signs. Ha ha! Some total nut named Andy McCarthy goes off the deep end:

Memo to McCain Campaign:  Someone is either a terrorist sympathizer or he isn’t; someone is either disqualified as a terrorist sympathizer or he’s qualified for public office.

Wow. This guy really knows how to appeal to mainstream Americans! And no, he’s not desperate. He just needs you to know that Barack Obama is, for all intents and purposes, a terrorist. Now why didn’t McCain bring that up tonight?

Moving on, in Drudge world the debate was “B O R I N G,” but his readers give the win to McCain easily, 65% to 32%. That means Obama won too. (The content at that link will likely be different in the morning).

Time passes, another White Russian and some Charlie Rose, and then Death Cab for Cutie on Conan. Everyone seems to be making a big deal about the way McCain called Obama “that one,” without looking at him, but that’s par for the old goat. He’s angry! He can’t stand Obama. And so losing to him is going to really upset the McCains, especially Cindy, who called this the “dirtiest campaign” in history. Woman, you must be on drugs.

Back to that Pakistan thing. I thought that was one of Obama’s strongest moments, after McCain gave his silly Teddy Roosevelt spiel. This, from Slate, describes it pretty well:

Obama had two replies. First, he wasn’t calling for an invasion of Pakistan—just for “taking out” Osama Bin Laden if we had him in our sights and the Pakistanis couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. Then he won the round decisively by remarking, “This is the guy who said ‘Bomb, bomb Iran,’ ” who called for “the annihilation of North Korea,” and who, after we ousted the Taliban from Kabul, said, “Next up, Baghdad.” That’s not talking softly. (McCain’s response, that he was just joking with an old veteran friend, was, first, not true—he said it in a public forum—and, second, quite lame.)

My friends, McCain could have used some folksy talk and a wink right about then; sure beats substance and truth, gosh darn it.


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