One Week To Go

It’s weird, it’s like I’ve been waiting for this to happen for so long and now that it is almost finally here I have nothing more to say about it. At least right now I don’t. How much more can be said? I was never here to change anyone’s mind, just to point out the stupid and try to laugh. Or cry. We’re done with that. Eight years of it, and goodbye to all of that. I’ve been writing this thing since right before Gore won, so it’s been a nightmare ever since. But we had fun anyway.

Nope, not goodbye or anything, I’m just trying to figure out what’s next. But it hasn’t happened yet! No party, no celebration, nothing yet. The Cubs didn’t win the World Series, the Phillies did. Better than Tampa Bay, I guess. So the good guys don’t always win, and in fact, it’s rare that they win, but this year for once the good guys are going to have to win. This isn’t baseball. This is Barack Obama. Just finish this and win it, and not just win but win big and leave no doubts. The nuts on the right whine enough as it is, and that’s with their dumb-ass still president; I imagine that will only get worse, but who cares? They’re done.

We’ll have time to write about Bush before he leaves office and sum up the total damage, but he’s already history. This is about Now and the Future and so yes, I fully expect a landslide victory for Obama next Tuesday but I’ll take it anyway it comes. One week left, it looks good. They’re not going to let this get away. Look at that map. It’s time to finish them off.


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