New City

New City previews the Milk at Midnight show:


The charming and sonically affable local outfit Milk at Midnight celebrates the release of “Less Love More Acid” (Stars/No Stars Records) tonight, the trio’s second full-length. The classic-rock-inspired indie pop—that’s saying bubblegum with riffs—bounces along in an even more psychedelic way this time around, but not at the expense of the band’s endearing youthfulness and tendency to lean towards the dramatic. But the ability to pull off both a dark-edged indie-rock song like “Kristol Ball” and an acoustic-guitar-led song like “Sticks in My Stomach” is impressive; the album’s title track, probably the best song of the collection, has a driving intensity that could for sure inspire a room. A “Less Love More Acid” mantra might not be a super hard sell with the kids, either. (Tom Lynch)

December 12 at Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, (773)276-3600, at 10pm. $8.

I appreciate Mr. Lynch actually listening to the record, unlike the person at another local weekly who suspects “that deep in their hearts they’d really like to be Kiss.” Really? That’s what you heard when you listened to this record? I can’t think of a band I’d least like to have referenced in a review than Kiss.


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