Imagine No Religion

It’s easy if you try. Really. Try. Keep trying.

Barack Obama sat down with both the Tribune and the Sun-Times and answered every question they gave him regarding his goofy pastor and the other guy, Rezko. In various columns and editorials in both papers it is clear that they believe him, as far as the Rezko deal goes. Even John Kass and his fake tough-guy act was forced to admit that he liked the man, even if he disagrees with is policies.

But the church stuff lingers. If anyone has listened to a word of what Obama has said in his books or speeches, or in those interviews with the papers, they would know that what some crazy-ass pastor preaches doesn’t represent what he believes. But he’s going to spend all week defending and deflecting this shit.

I know: it’s all about hating America, and not believing the government when they tell us the “truth” about AIDS or 9/11 or whatever. There’s a lot of crazy shit that all kinds of crazy people believe, including this goddamn creationism crap and Jesus’ death and resurrection. Some think the moon walk was staged and Kennedy had three assassins. Who gives a shit? There’s a reason that Oprah and Obama go to this church, but I can’t begin to tell you what that is. I wish everyone was stronger.

You know how I feel: like Mormonism or Scientology or Catholicism, they’re all blabbering about pie-in-sky nonsense that any adult should know to take with a grain of salt. Or a big giant bag of salt maybe. How about a snow-plow truck full of salt? But what Obama’s pastor said in various sermons over the years has to do with anything, I can’t begin to tell you.

I long for the day when an atheist or agnostic candidate for president can get up and say “Look, I don’t engage in any of that nonsense, no one speaks for me, and this is what I think.” End of story.

But that won’t happen. And that makes me dislike the very concept of religion, and politics, even more. The way that it is, is not right, and I reject one and despise the other.

I am so sick and tired of people and their damned religions. For someone who really does not care about religion at all, this entire debate is absolutely maddening. I think all of you are funny, with your arguments about water into wine, coming back from the dead, virgin birth, funny underpants, arguments about circumcision, not eating meat on Friday and pork being unclean, the immorality of the gay, etc. Having to hear someone is not politically viable because they don’t adhere to the letter of one sect’s brand of fantasy is enough to make me want to throw up. you all can practice whatever you want, I don’t care what you think, but I am sick and tired of hearing about it. Really.

John Cole


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