Character is Character, Except When It’s Not Character

Rich. Priceless. Perfect. Someone named Lisa Schiffren says it all on NRO today. Expect a lot of this in the coming year: Sure, Bill Clinton was a scheming, leering, womanizing scumbag, yes, but change his name to Rudy and all is magically forgiven!

I don’t like some of his social views — but I think that those are not the most important issues the next president will deal with. I hate the way he dealt with his ex-wife — hate hate hate. I think his current wife is a nightmare. And he is clearly not much of a father. But I’ve seen a lot of successful men like that — and while it isn’t what I want in my life, we are not interviewing prospective husbands here. Character matters in leaders— but more for what it tells us about how a person will behave politically, than as a moral report card. Rudy’s flaws are Bill Clinton’s — which smacked of weakness, an excessive need to be loved by pretty much anyone, and inconstancy.

Yes, she is talking about Rudy there, not Bill Clinton. It’s been obvious for some time now, but as Pat Robertson proved, everything that the right-wing nuts hated about Clinton will be hypocritically tossed aside for their man Rudy. Rudy’s flaws are Bill Clinton’s (!), but hey, we’re not interviewing prospective husbands here!

Really? So the (prospective) president’s personal dalliances really don’t matter, after all? There are more important things than (gasp!) their sex lives, their marriages, their private parts? Well hot damn, this is a revelation! So we can take back all that silliness of the 90s and drop the obsession with Bill’s penis, yes? Great news! I always knew you would come around to my way of thinking!

You not just messing with me, are you?


Lisa Scheffren responds:

I meant to say that Rudy’s flaw are NOT the same as Bill’s. Surely the distinction matters. Anyway, I think Bill lowered the bar forever.

Uh huh. Riiiight. She didn’t correct her post; Freudian slip, perhaps? A later post in The Corner reveals all that is needed to know about Ms. Schiffren, in which she exposes what her poor daughter is up against:

I have forbidden every other vulgar, horrible TV show, but the 12 year old wore me down one night with the (pathetic) argument that she really wanted to be able to discuss the show at the lunch table with the cool girls at her (religious day) school. It was a weak moment.

Her daughter wanted to watch Ugly Betty, perish the thought. That poor kid. The rebel yell is gonna be loud in that house.


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