2004 is the New 2008

I wasn’t crazy about John Kerry, but he would have been a much better president than Bush, that much is obvious (any monkey would have). But then we wouldn’t have had the chance to elect Barack Obama this year. And let’s be honest, if Kerry had done everything that Bush has, exactly, he would be forever known as “the guy lost the Iraq War,” and would have lost to Mitt Romney in this year’s election. Yes, I can see the future. Kerry was doomed, no matter what he did.

Anyway, that doesn’t make him any less right in the words he said regarding the approach to terrorism–the correct approach–and I find it amusing that Bush’s Pentagon now finally agrees.

Via Andrew Sullivan, this just-released National Defense Strategy echoes exactly what Kerry was saying, way back in 2004, about law enforcement and its role in fighting terrorism. It calls for “reducing them to the level of nuisance groups that can be tracked and handled by law enforcement capabilities.” As these links show, both “nuisance” and “law enforcement” are the words that marked John Kerry for ridicule back in 2004.

I still wonder about those people who voted for Bush over Kerry, and the idiocy that went into that thought process. It reduces my audacity for hope just a touch. We can’t keep electing these fools and then wonder how it happened 4 years later. It was just as obvious then as it is now. Ask any monkey.

One last shot of praise for Kerry: this quote comes from a Monday night speech he gave in Boston. He could have used a little more of this wit in 2004:

“I don’t know if you know this,� said the Massachusetts Democrat. “John McCain is looking for someone for vice president who has more economic expertise than he does. So congratulations to all of you, you’re on the short list.�


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